If I’m a business owner and I file a bankruptcy, let’s talk about that.

Recently, we had a lot of people, a lot of business owners that are looking at filing bankruptcy and that’s, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with being a business owner. And when you look at a bankruptcy, it does not take away your business. It does not make the business worse. It does not stop […]

In the case of the people that file themselves and they don’t disclose everything, there’s some… I don’t know what this scenario is that we discuss here, but if there is some financial things that the court finds out about, then they just what, toss the case?

So in every bankruptcy case, the quarter points of bankruptcy, trustee, that’s the attorney whose job it is to kind of supervise your case in a chapter seven, a trustee’s job is to take stuff in tattle, to try and take your house and take your car and tell the court about the reasons that […]

It sounds like it can get complicated. Do I really need an attorney to file bankruptcy? What is your thought about having an attorney for filing?

If you’re at the point of a divorce, divorce can be complicated and it can be expensive because you have to give so much money to law firm of that’s mine. And this is yours. I mean, you have to fight about who’s going to get what bankruptcy makes that a lot easier because in […]

Would you say that chapter 13 is pretty common for divorce and marriage situations, because they typically have houses and cards, and stuff like that?

It’s hard to just make a blanket statement about, whether, seven or 13 is good for any one person, because it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Frequently we will have people that, a couple that come in to file a bankruptcy together, and they’re here because of medical issues and they’re behind […]

If I’m a single dude in an apartment, and I got 20,000 in credit card debt, I just lost my job, chapter 7 is my path. Is that correct?

But every case is different. You want to talk to your attorney, but probably if you’re a single guy in an apartment with 20,000 of credit cards and no job then chapter seven is the way to go. And the reason is that you have to have income to be able to fund a payment […]

Let’s talk about qualifying for bankruptcy. What are the qualifiers and disqualifiers for Chapter 13 and/or Chapter 7?

Chapter seven – There’s really is not much limitation on who can file a chapter seven bankruptcy. The point of the chapter seven is to wipe out unsecured debt, and it’s really up to you to decide how much is enough. You know, if you come in and say, I have one credit card for […]

Any topic that we didn’t cover and we should?

The only other things or, you know, it can be eligibility for bankruptcy. Some people say, you know, do I owe enough money to file a bankruptcy or no, but people think you do.

And what is the FDCPA?

Fair to debt collection procedures act – so kind of mixing a couple of things there. What we’re talking about with stopping the phone calls is the courts, automatic stay. That’s a protective order entered by the court immediately when the bankruptcy case is filed and that stops all collections, phone calls, letters, lawsuits, all […]

Let’s talk about creditor harassment. People are calling me all night and day. Can you speak about that?

The number one complaint – Number one reason people gave me for why they were looking at a bankruptcy is the phone calls. It’s multiple times a day, multiple times an hour, all of these calls from all of these creditors. And it’s the people that won’t even tell you who they are. And so […]

Sounds like one of the things that may happen to people is they get upside-down, they overspend on their credit cards, then their credit score goes down, they need more financing for more things, in a downwards spiral where bankruptcy is like a reset button. Can you speak about that?

Absolutely bankruptcy is, is intended to be a fresh start. It’s a reset. It’s a do over on the school yard, right that’s what bankruptcy is about. And I tell clients that, you know, sometimes, you’re able to fight the fight. If you could just get up and, you know, bankruptcy sometimes is your brother […]

In this scenario of a personal bankruptcy for Mike, and he was living off credit cards, he is going to be hamstrung if he is using that to live off of, does he have personal financial options after that?

So let’s assume that Mike was breaking even with his business and then COVID hit. And Mike lost a lot of business temporarily, and Mike got some SBA loans. He got the payment protection plan. He got an Eid alone. You know, these are personally guaranteed loans. And so now he’s back to breaking even, […]

It sounds like in that scenario; the feds are in your corner instead of the banks corner.

It’s the weirdest thing, every once in a while, they do something for you. Let’s talk about the difference between chapter 13 and chapter 7. In any type of bankruptcy, the goal is to pay what you can afford to repay and to not pay what you can’t afford to repay so generally speaking, you […]

If you file a bankruptcy when you are in a foreclosure or forbearance modification is debatable

Sounds like if you file a bankruptcy when you are in a foreclosure or forbearance modification is debatable, it really helps you buy time, and puts you in a position of strength, right? Because now the mortgage company can’t say; “Oh, we couldn’t find your paperwork in time, now we just move to the next […]

Do you have to file a bankruptcy to get a modification?

Modifications are available without a bankruptcy, but you have to show them that you have a legitimate need for bankruptcy. Sorry. You have to show them that you have a legitimate need for that modification, that something happened that wasn’t your fault, and that you will be able to make payments in the future. You […]

Let’s talk about two things. First, what is the difference between forbearance and foreclosure?

Let’s talk about two things. First, what is the difference between forbearance and foreclosure? And the last is; what are my options when I’m facing foreclosure in terms of bankruptcy? So there’s been a lot of talk about forbearances recently, with all the prohibitions on foreclosure and the different, COVID, related, benefits of forbearance is […]

I can still maintain the property?

So, in that scenario, if I have a piece of land that is worth $50,000, and I have a lien against it, a tax lien, and that lien was $10,000, what you are saying is that $10,000 potentially can be knocked down to something less, and I can still maintain the property? So if you […]

How to Manage a Temporary Loss of Income

A lot of my clients end up filing bankruptcy because of a temporary loss of income. So if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you miss one or two of those paychecks, suddenly you’re behind. And even when you get back to work, you can have a hard time getting caught up. Hi, I’m Joe […]

Top ten payment priorities

When you have more bills than money to pay them, it can be really hard to decide what to pay and when. I’m Joe Jeppson consumer bankruptcy specialist, and I’m going to give you the top 10 priorities of debts that you should pay. So the first thing you should pay is court debt. So […]

How to handle the stress of collection calls

If you’re like my clients, you might be suffering from the stress, the embarrassment of sleepless nights of aggressive collection calls. I am Joe Jeppson, consumer bankruptcy specialist in Kansas City, Missouri. Collectors aren’t calling you and saying terrible things and harassing you and calling you over and over day and night, because you’re a […]

Testimonial – Casey

Hi, I’m Casey. When I moved here, I was in bad shape financially. My mother had died and left me with three sisters. I incurred a lot of debt and was having trouble sleeping on top of paying the bills. Thanks to Mr. Jeppson and his team. I’m sleeping at night and I’m able to […]

Testimonial – I feel pretty good today.

I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything has happened for me. I know how miserable life was before my bankruptcy and my experience with Joe and I’m feeling pretty good today. I’m feeling relief and I feel like I can move forward in my life. I want to say thank you.

Testimonial – Kim

Hi, my name is Kim. And, when I first came to Jeppson, I was very, nervous and scared. I was afraid. I was, concludes my home, my car but after speaking with Joe and his staff,I, felt very, and everything that they, suggested I do, we did and everything soundslike it’s going to work out […]

Testimonial – My stress was lifted with Jeppson Bankruptcy

My experience prior to, the process was I was really stressed. I didn’t know what direction to go into. after meeting with the gypsum office, it helped me solidify some things to put my mind at ease. I actually walked away. stress was lifted and I felt that ease and I really felt that peace. […]

Testimonial – Tanoe

Hi, my name is Angelica Tanoe. I just chose, represented me. We just got done out ofcourt and one thing that I liked about him was he told you exactly what was good for youat the beginning. He was assertive with everything. He told you what you needed to makesure everything was taken care of […]

Testimonial – Sam

Hi I am Sam. I had Joe represent me. He’s awesome. He explained everything really well,and Ilook really young. I’m only 24, and I think he’s great. If you want somebody who ishonest and hardworking and is always on top of everything, I know it’s scary out there having pay bills and stuff. Trust me. […]

What is the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy?

One of the more difficult things to figure out in bankruptcy is whether to file a chapter seven bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. I’m Joe Jeppson bankruptcy lawyer here in Kansas city, serving clients in Missouri and Kansas certified specialist in consumer bankruptcy law. Now, the way I think about is kind of silly, […]

Testimonial – Jacques

Hi, I’m Bobby and this is my wife. Sherry’s rocks and responding to be a little, atestimony to Jetson law that we were dealing with some pretty rough times with job lossand medical issues and other things. And Joe really just made the process painless andreally helped us out and it was really very little […]

Foreclosure forbearance and evictions during COVID pandemic

A lot of my clients have been asking about, evictions and foreclosures during the COVIDpandemic right now. So I just want to address those issues. I’m Joe Jeppson certifiedbankruptcy specialist, helping people in Missouri and Kansas and the Kansas city areafile chapter seven and chapter 13, bankruptcies the federal government as part of thecares act, […]

Testimonial – Pointer

Why highly recommend Joe as a Laurier. We were in a tough situation when we startedthis. He is very, very good in his job. He has a personality. He will make sure that youwere taken care of. if you’re in this, if you’re in a bind, I know one thing. You walkedin here, we were […]

Testimonial – Judy

Hi, my name’s Judy. Three Anna Jill represented me today on the bankruptcy. He’sawesome. He tells you to choose. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. If you need help, don’tbe afraid to call him. He helped me with my grandkids on the kisses. They didn’t have nokids and he was nice enough to ask me if […]

Testimonial – Russell

I worked with Joseph and his staff on a bankruptcy case free or fracking deal. Gottaserve some paperwork through the courts that I was getting a motion filed against me,contacted his office. They are very quick to respond back and help me out with anyquestions. I had all the nerve racking stuff. They took care […]

Can I file bankruptcy with CARES ACT unemployment during COVID pandemic?

I’ve had a lot of attorneys texting and calling, emailing me lately, asking about peoplethat want to file a bankruptcy, but are concerned that the unemployment that they’regetting from the, covert response to the cares act is going to cause them a problem withthe bankruptcy. Hi, I’m Joe Jeppson, I’m certified specialist in consumer bankruptcyand […]

Testimonial – Mclaughlin

Come on, Joe, I want to express my thanks to you and your law firm for alleviating a problem that constantly kept me awake at night. Roughly about a year ago, I had theprivilege of meeting you and today I can tell you that my ability to sleep at night isbad because you helped me […]

Testimonial – Dobson

My name’s Scott. I got mine on my credit cards to make payments. Got a hold of Jeff’slaw. They were willing and eager to work with you. Very professional, always there toanswer my questions. I’d feel confident that they’re going to be there for me if I haveany more problems. I definitely recommend that anybody.

COVID Do I Have to make My Plan Payments

Hi, I got an email from Ellen today, asking what happens if she can’t pay her chapter 13 planned payments, because of the covert pandemic. She’s concerned that, being out of work or higher expenses, we’ll keep her from making all her planned payments. I’m attorney Joe Jeppson, a consumer bankruptcy specialist here in Kansas […]

COVID Can I Keep My Stimulus Money in Bankruptcy

I got a call from Ryan and Oleva, yesterday asking if he could keep his stimulus money if he filed a bankruptcy. And the answer is yes, but that’s not what it’s for. I’m attorney Joe Jeppson, I’m a consumer bankruptcy specialist here in Kansas city helping people file bankruptcy in Missouri and Kansas, since […]

COVID 341- Do You Still Have to Attend The Bankruptcy Trustee Meeting

I got a call from Dustin today from Riverside asking if he had to go to his bankruptcy trustee meeting, this week. And the answer is yes. And also no, I’m an attorney Joe Jeppson consumer bankruptcy specialist here in Kansas city helping people file bankruptcy in both Missouri and Kansas since 2006. Yes, we […]