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It is always wise to get in touch with an experienced Kansas City, MO, home foreclosure attorney if you are currently struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments. There are a variety of wise options available to prevent this from happening. All you need is to hire one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in the state.

At Jeppson Law Office, Joseph Chaddick Jeppson has substantial experience in terms of education and law practice. Since 2011, he has been protecting the rights of every consumer residing in Kansas City. Because of its consistent excellence and with the help of its legal team, Joseph Chaddick Jeppson has been recognized by the American Board of Certification as a board-certified specialist in consumer bankruptcy matters. If you need help, set up a free legal consultation today!

Why do I need a Home Foreclosure Attorney in Missouri?

To avoid foreclosure, you need to be familiar with the pertinent bankruptcy laws of your state. However, you have to keep in mind that the laws governing the foreclosure process are quite complex if you read them. Selecting the best foreclosure lawyer is very crucial, and you have to take note of the following characteristics:

  • Board-Certified – Getting a board-certified attorney to handle your case is extremely rare. So, if by any chance you have a board-certified lawyer in your state, it is highly recommended that you choose them. Not only is it one of a kind, but it also gives you an additional layer of assurance that you are getting high-standard legal services.
  • Reputable – The reputation of a bankruptcy law firm is more important than you think. A good reputation means providing excellent legal assistance and wide community engagement in the state. If so, preventing foreclosure for you can be easier.
  • Unique Experience – Aside from extensive years of experience as a bankruptcy lawyer, you should always look for a unique experience that not every attorney has. You deserve someone who brings something unique to the table.

Jeppson Law Office possesses these excellent characteristics. In more than a decade of practicing bankruptcy, the American Board of Certification has recognized Joseph Chaddick Jeppson as a board-certified specialist in consumer bankruptcy cases. Aside from that, he is also involved in credible organizations and the legal community, having obtained his reputation in Missouri. Currently, Mr. Jeppson is the president of Kansas City. Your case deserves diligent care; get the best legal advice now.

What is Home Foreclosure?

If you fall behind on your home or mortgage loan equity payments, the creditor has the right to foreclose or force the sale of your home to get what you supposedly owe. However, mortgage lenders don’t always resort to foreclosure. Because the house can only be sold for a portion of what is owed, foreclosure can be time-consuming and costly.

Mortgages and Deeds of Trust

These are ways to finance your home loan. Here are some of the differences among them:

  • Mortgage – It is a type of loan in which the title is put up against the real estate as security for the loan. If you do not repay your debts on time, the lender may file for foreclosure and sell the property to the court.
  • Deeds of Trust – It is another option for financing real estate purchases. It transfers the title to the trustee, who possesses it as a security for the loan. If you fail to pay the loan, the trustee can sell the property at auction and repay the creditor from the proceeds without appearing in court. The creditor can use this process or the court’s rules.
  • Other Security Instruments – Sometimes, different documents may be used rather than deeds of trust and mortgages. Typically, it differs from state to state. Regardless of the difference between these pertinent documents, they are widely recognized as home loans or mortgages.

The Difference Between Judicial and Nonjudicial Foreclosure

The two types of foreclosure that are most common are judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. These two are entirely different. A judicial foreclosure mandates the creditor to pursue action in court, which normally gives up to one year or more before you can part with your property. On the one hand, nonjudicial foreclosures don’t necessarily have to go to court and can often be carried out within 3-4 months.

Defenses to Foreclosure

You can legally defend yourself against foreclosure if you have valid grounds for not paying the trust deed or mortgage. Contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer right away if you are considering having an effective defense to stop foreclosure.

  • Infringement of the federal Truth in Lending Act – Since the legislation requires the creditor to provide information about your documents, the lender would be in violation if it did not do so. If this occurs, you have the right to cancel the mortgage. However, this right only applies to loans not used to purchase a home.
  • Loan terms or interest rates contradict the state law – Even though some states set limitations on the loan interest that can be taken, financial institutions regard them as inapplicable because they are preempted by federal law. Federal law restricts creditors from making false or deceptive representations concerning the loan. For expensive loans, federal law requires extra disclosures and disallows some terms, such as balloon payments.
  • Unable to follow the proper foreclosure process – Every state establishes a policy requiring creditors to follow specific procedures when foreclosing. Furthermore, federal law has been clear that services should work with the debtors who are having difficulty making monthly payments. If the creditor does not follow the state and federal laws, you can stop or delay the foreclosure.
  • Filing for bankruptcy – When you file for bankruptcy, the foreclosure process is automatically stopped. So long as you make payments to the bankruptcy trustee, the foreclosure will be barred from proceeding. Therefore, filing bankruptcy before the property can be sold is imperative.

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It can be frustrating to be on the verge of foreclosure due to nonpayment of your home or mortgage. The rules that govern the foreclosure process are complex and difficult. Many of the legal jargon may be unfamiliar to the ordinary individual. That is completely normal. It is not an option to give up hope, but contacting the best foreclosure attorney in your state should be your first step.

Hiring a board-certified, reputable, and experienced Missouri bankruptcy attorney can help you solve your financial problems; Jeppson Law Office is that law firm. Joseph Chaddick Jeppson is the current president of Kansas City and a board-certified bankruptcy lawyer in Missouri. We have been assisting clients facing foreclosure for more than a decade. Relying on us will assure you of placing your case in good hands. Besides stopping foreclosure, we also handle credit repair, chapter 13, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and divorce & bankruptcy cases. Schedule an appointment now to stop foreclosure!

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