Let’s talk about creditor harassment.

The number one complaint – Number one reason people gave me for why they were looking at a bankruptcy is the phone calls. It’s multiple times a day, multiple times an hour, all of these calls from all of these creditors. And it’s the people that won’t even tell you who they are. And so you give them your payment information, right and there’s no way that you can get out of that because you don’t know who you’re paying. You don’t know how much you owe. You don’t know if they’re even going to apply the payment to the right account. There’s just no way out. The first thing that happens in a bankruptcy, any type of consumer bankruptcy, chapter seven, chapter 13 is a protective order from the court that stops all of that. All the phone calls stop. All the letters, stop all your creditors are forced to sit on their hands and leave you alone gives you time to get back in control and to get back on track. Now, two phone calls stop immediately. No, they have to get notice from the court. Does everybody follow the rules No people run, stop signs, but when that happens, that’s why you need to have an attorney on your side because then they can you be consumed them and they can pay you for a change.

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