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If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, you are aware that many processes are involved to sort your financial matters out. Apart from filing bankruptcy, understanding bankruptcy exemption, selling nonexempt property, or getting involved in a repayment plan, there is also a hearing one must attend, namely the meeting of creditors or a 341 hearing. Depending on the bankruptcy case you file for, the events might play out differently. This is where having a meeting of creditors lawyer from Kansas City, MO, comes in handy as they can help you with your bankruptcy case.

A meeting of creditors or a 341 hearing is a hearing that all debtors must attend. It is held outside the presence of a judge and the time it occurs is between 21 and 50 days after filing. The administrator of the meeting depends on the kind of bankruptcy you file. Chapters 7, 12, and 13 are conducted by a trustee, while hearings for Chapter 11 are conducted by a representative of the United States trustee. 

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There are several documents one must bring during the 341 hearing, regardless of whether it is for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Knowing what to take makes all the difference, and the primary purpose of this hearing is to answer questions regarding finances and assets under oath and see if you fully understand the bankruptcy process following the United States code. A meeting of creditors lawyer can help you stay prepared for it. 

Get in touch with a Kansas City MO meeting of creditors attorney from law firm Jeppson Law Office. A bankruptcy lawyer from Kansas City, MO, will walk you through the bankruptcy process, from bankruptcy filing to helping you gather related documents and forms to briefing you on the questions asked of you in the hearing. A lawyer can ensure a smooth-sailing process towards the best outcome for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Schedule an appointment with Jeppson Law Office right now to ease your debt worries.

Why do I need a Meeting of Creditors Attorney in MO?

meeting of creditors attorneyIf you are filing bankruptcy and are in debt, you might be tempted to skip hiring a lawyer to save money and minimize expenses. However, going through the complicated bankruptcy process alone could spell disaster, especially if you are not too familiar with it. This is where a 341 hearing attorney comes into play. A meeting of creditors lawyer can walk you through the crucial aspects of the bankruptcy process and explain bankruptcy law such as unsecured and secured creditors to you efficiently.

How else does a bankruptcy attorney help in a meeting of creditors case? For one, a meeting of creditors lawyer can help you prepare the necessary print documents asked of you in court. They can brief you on any question typically asked of you when you go on the stand in the district court. Having a lawyer helps provide you with a sense of preparedness and assurance when you are questioned under oath in bankruptcy court. 

Apart from offering representation, a Kansas City MO 341 hearing attorney can help you with other matters involving bankruptcy, such as exempt and nonexempt property, wage garnishment, and foreclosures. Jeppson Law Offices has been servicing clients for over a decade in Greater Kansas City, providing free consultations, lending help in tax returns, and an amazing attorney client relationship to those who need legal services. Schedule an appointment with a Kansas City MO 341 hearing lawyer right now.

What is the Meeting of Creditors?

A succinct definition of the meeting of creditors would have to be a hearing that a debtor must attend as part of the bankruptcy process. The meeting is conducted either by the bankruptcy trustee or the U.S. trustee, depending on the kind of bankruptcy you file for. This hearing occurs between 21 and 50 days after filing the bankruptcy petition, and it is held outside the presence of a judge.

The meeting of creditors, also known as a 341 hearing, permits the representative of the U.S. trustee to review the debtor’s petition and schedules. The debtor must answer questions under oath regarding their financial activities, income, property, assets, and liabilities, together with questions that will help determine if the debtor understands the bankruptcy process. 

As this process can be complicated, the debtor should enlist the legal assistance of a meeting of creditors attorney from Jeppson Law Firm, who can help walk you through the entire process. 

What Happens if a Trustee Concludes Your Hearing?

If the trustee has no further questions from the files and documents you have submitted at a hearing and the creditors are seemingly satisfied, you are not needed to appear at a second hearing. However, this does not signal discharge instantly. A creditor has 60 days from the initial 341 hearing to object to the discharge. 

If there are no objections and all the requirements are complete, you will then be discharged after the objection filing deadline. Should you need to attend a meeting of creditors, schedule an appointment with a 341 hearing lawyer from Jeppson Law Office. 

What Happens if the Meeting is Continued?

If a trustee continues the meeting of creditors on a different date, it could signal many things such as:

  • Lack of identification such as social security number
  • The trustee needs more documentation such as a bank statement to verify details on your petition
  • A creditor needs more questioning time 

Should your hearing be scheduled for another day for documentation, you are required to follow the trustee’s instructions and provide the information before the next hearing. Sending these documents and having no questions from the trustee could warrant canceling the hearing and letting you know that another appearance is not needed. 


What Should I Bring at A 341 Hearing?

It requires you to provide documents to the trustee that verify your financial situation, such as paycheck stubs, bank statements, and income tax returns. Other trustees might require additional items, which include:

  • Personal identification
  • Social Security card or Social Security number proof
  • Documents that reflect financial changes

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A meeting of creditors or a 341 hearing is a hearing that people who file for bankruptcy need to attend. This hearing is part of the procedure, which involves questioning the debtor under oath regarding their financial habits and their comprehension of the process. Several requirements are needed, such as important documents and proof of financial activity. While it can be nerve-wracking to be on the stand, having a lawyer can help prepare you for your hearing. 

Get in touch with a meeting of creditors attorney from Jeppson Law Office. Our best lawyers can help you throughout the bankruptcy process, providing legal advice, orienting you with bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy code, and offering representation in bankruptcy court. They can even brief you on the routine questions possibly asked of you at the hearing. Time is of the essence – schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer from Jeppson Law Office now.

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