And what is the FDCPA?

Fair to debt collection procedures act – so kind of mixing a couple of things there. What we’re talking about with stopping the phone calls is the courts, automatic stay. That’s a protective order entered by the court immediately when the bankruptcy case is filed and that stops all collections, phone calls, letters, lawsuits, all of that has to stop immediately. If they keep doing stuff the course laps around a bit and puts you back where you’re supposed to be there are other ways to, pursue people for doing what they should not do. the FTC PA for debt collections procedures act, if they are violating, collections laws or FCRA, the fair credit reporting act, if they are reporting inaccurate or misleading information on your credit report, those things tend to come up after the bankruptcy case it’s done. And the reason is that bankruptcy courts have limited jurisdiction, meaning that the bankruptcy courts are kind of set off to the side of the judicial system and they deal with their one little thing because don’t nobody understand.

Bankruptcy is weird. It’s like a dentist. You know, you go to your doctor and say, my tooth hurts. And they say, go to a dentist, man. You can’t go to your regular lawyer and say, man, my, my dad, I just can’t pay this stuff. They’re going to say, go talk to a bankruptcy attorney. I don’t get it you know; it’s a very specialized field. That’s why, you know, our courts have me and a couple of other people teaching the other bankruptcy attorneys around here, how to do a lot of this stuff because we’ve been, I’ve been doing it a long time and know what I’m doing, creative and come up with ways to get good results for our clients but you have to, have some on your side to make sure that you can get those results and you have to have someone that really knows what they’re doing. You can’t have a hobbyist. You can’t have someone that like, Hey, I’ll give it a try. You know, you need to have a specialist.

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