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Having a Kansas City, MO, wage garnishment attorney amid financial problems is crucial. If you are currently suffering from financial hardship, you must remember that the bankruptcy court can issue a valid court order to permit your creditors to garnish your wages. This implies that your employer may deduct funds from your paycheck. In cases like this, contacting an experienced bankruptcy attorney for legal help is a wise decision.

For more than ten years, Jeppson Law Office has been helping thousands of individuals in Kansas City, Missouri, get out of debt. Our legal team will undertake all the necessary measures to give you debt relief. It is our philosophy that everyone deserves a second chance and a fresh start. Schedule a free consultation today!

Why do I need a Wage Garnishment Attorney in Missouri?

Getting help from a bankruptcy attorney is a crucial step; in fact, it is the most important one, to begin with. When you file bankruptcy, you should immediately look for a good lawyer by evaluating their qualities. What makes a good lawyer? Take note of the following characteristics:

  1. Flat Rate Service – Some bankruptcy lawyers will charge an hourly rate to represent you in a bankruptcy case. It is worth of note that choosing a law firm that charges a flat rate can give you more confidence and ease about your finances. A fixed payment amount allows you to focus on your case instead of worrying about the payment afterward. Choose someone who charges a flat rate.
  2. Professional – Seeking out professional service should not cost too much. Every individual struggling due to financial difficulties deserves great attention and care to improve their finances. Choose a bankruptcy firm that is professional in dealing with its clients.
  3. Easy to talk to – It is common for everyone to be unfamiliar with the technicalities of what they are currently experiencing. This is entirely normal. Choose a lawyer who is easy to talk to, not only in terms of providing bankruptcy help but also in understanding your situation.


Jeppson Law Office has been helping thousands of clients in Missouri for over a decade. Because of our professional services, we are recognized by the American Board of Certification as board-certified specialists in consumer bankruptcy.

Whatever your financial concerns, whether it be wage garnishment, credit repair, or Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can rely on us. You may schedule an appointment today to get legal services.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Under Missouri state law, for any workweek, the creditor can garnish the lesser of:

  • Either 25% of your disposable earnings or 10% of it if you are a resident of the state or head of the family, or
  • The amount of your weekly disposable earnings more than 30 times the minimum hourly wage under federal law. (Mo. Ann. Stat. § 525.030).

Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act

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The relevant laws that govern wage garnishment in Missouri include Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, which pertinently states that:

  1. Coverage – The law encompasses all person who receives wages from personal services.
  2. Protection – The law protects against the threat of termination when the garnishment of wages occurs. Other than protecting the employee, it also ensures that the debts are paid in full.
  3. Maximum – The maximum amount of wages that can be garnished is 25% of an employee’s weekly earnings, or his disposable earnings for that week is thirty times the federal minimum hourly wage.
  4. Disposable Income – Disposable income is computed by subtracting the required deductions from the total paycheck. Required deductions constitute social security, unemployment insurance taxes, state taxes, and retirement deductions.


Commonly known as the CCPA, the Consumer Credit Protection Act limits the amount of money your creditors can garnish from your wages. For instance, if you made $400 in one week, $100 can be deducted from your payroll before you receive it.

How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Kansas City?

Wage garnishment happens when a government agency or creditor files a lawsuit. The process usually involves the following:

  1. Failure To Make Payments – Your account will typically become delinquent when it has been past due for 30 days. This can be reported directly to the credit bureaus as soon as you miss the first payment.
  2. An Entity Pursues Garnishment –  The collection agency or creditor will sue you for failing to pay a number of times in a row. A federal agency will pursue the garnishment for certain debts, such as child support, federal student loans, and taxes. 
  3. The Court Issues Monetary Judgment – The bankruptcy court will issue a monetary judgment requiring the petitioner to divert a portion of its income to pay off its debt.
  4. Wages Are Garnished – After the federal government’s initiation or issuance of a court order, a specified percentage and period of your paycheck will be garnished to repay your debts. Wage garnishment will continue until the full amount of your debt is paid, or it can be negotiated to end sooner or be suspended, depending on the circumstances of your case. 

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

To prevent wage garnishment from proceeding, you must act immediately. The wisest thing to do is to seek legal aid from a wage garnishment lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the court’s judgment, you may have the legal right to object to the judgment against you. To do this, you must state your legal qualification for a reversal or change of judgment. There are situations in which you can do this:

  • Most or all of your income is exempted from garnishment.
  • You paid off the debt 
  • The debt was discharged in bankruptcy
  • Issuance of the writ of garnishment would lead to undue hardship

Bankruptcy is one of the most reliable ways to stop wage garnishment. However, there may be a different solution that’s better for your case. If you want to know the best course of action. consult our experienced Missouri bankruptcy lawyers today!

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Wage garnishment may appear as simple as it is, but it can significantly impact how you live, especially if your job is what you do for a living. If you are currently bothered because a government or collection agency is trying to pursue a wage garnishment lawsuit against you, getting help from the best bankruptcy attorney in Kansas City can help.

Seeking legal counsel does not imply that you are weak; rather, it indicates that you are wise in making the right decision. Jeppson Law Office will be with you throughout the entire process to help you stop wage garnishment. We offer a flat rate with kind and professional service. Whatever your financial problems are, you can easily express them to us. We handle concerns on Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Credit Repair, and Divorce & Bankruptcy. Get the Help You Deserve!

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