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During the last few years, severe economic crises have affected America, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the looming recession. There are a lot of people who find themselves in a tough situation, facing an insurmountable amount of debt. It is possible for all of us to be subject to this situation. But with emergency bankruptcy, it is still possible for everyone to bounce back from this situation and start with a clean slate.

The lawyers at Jeppson Law Office are always willing to help in your emergency filing. Our team of experienced emergency bankruptcy attorneys in Kansas City will help you proceed with legal aid to your claim. For the past few years, we have been serving individuals in Kansas City, producing significant results for our clients. Our bankruptcy attorneys aim to offer convenience to our clients, flat-rate plans, free consultations, and flexible appointment scheduling options throughout the week. We are always ready to hear from you to help you know more about your possible options!

Why Do I Need An Emergency Bankruptcy Attorney in Missouri?

Given that there are a lot of moving parts in a bankruptcy claim, it can lead to a confusing and complicated process. The first thing to take note of is that a proper legal counsel will be able to help you figure things out and plan a proper claim. Our expert Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer group is always available to hear your questions. These are some of the most common inquiries:

  • How will bankruptcy law help me with my situation?
  • Are bankruptcy court hearings required for the process?
  • What documents will I have to show for a bankruptcy case?
  • What are the costs of filing a bankruptcy claim?
  • What would happen to my credit score after a bankruptcy case?
  • What is Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy? What is the bankruptcy code?
  • Can a bankruptcy claim stop a mortgage foreclosure / vehicle repossession / student loan debt / medical bills?
  • Can I keep some of my property if I proceed with a bankruptcy claim?

If you have any similar questions from above, then bankruptcy filing might fit the description of your needs. At Jeppson Law firm, our goal is to give you the most appropriate bankruptcy protection that suits your needs and capacity to help you bounce back from this situation with a better start.

In simpler times, fixing any of these errors took little more than turning the rotary dial on the telephone, conversing with someone at a local contact center, and thanking them for the service. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to read horrific stories about simply how hard it is to get mistakes erased from your credit reports.

While it should be simple, fixing your credit report or repairing the harm caused by inaccuracies is sometimes a time-consuming and complicated lesson in frustration. But considering the importance of a good credit score (which can make or break your ability to acquire a house loan or even get employment), you simply can not ignore it. In cases like these, you may want the help of an experienced Missouri credit repair attorney.

How Can An Emergency Bankruptcy Claim Help With My Debt?

Most individuals tend to know only one form of a bankruptcy filing. While this option is available to everyone, non-emergency bankruptcy filing is a labor and time-intensive process. This is where emergency bankruptcy helps. An emergency filing can allow an individual facing debt to file bankruptcy immediately, without needing to slog through the paperwork at the start.

While this option is not advisable to everyone, having the opportunity can allow potential bankruptcy victims to prevent or augment some of the following scenarios:

  • Estate or House Foreclosure 
  • Automobile Repossession 
  • House Eviction
  • Garnishments
  • Bankruptcy Lawsuits
  • Job Loss
  • Pending Utility Bills 
  • Creditor Phone Calls and Letters
  • Long-term Leases 
  • Tax Debts (context-dependent)

A consultation with an emergency bankruptcy attorney in Kansas City can help you determine which of these scenarios can fit in your situation, and whether emergency bankruptcy is the right form of bankruptcy you can claim for. The goal of our bankruptcy lawyers at the Jeppson Law office in Missouri is to jumpstart the process for you through proper legal advice. In doing so, we hope to lessen the weight of your current financial trouble.

What Do I Need For A Proper Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

Emergency Bankruptcy Attorneys Kansas City To proceed with the emergency bankruptcy filing, make sure to prepare the following files for a smooth process:

  • Bankruptcy Petition
  • Social Security Number
  • Creditor Matrix
  • Credit Counseling

Aside from this, you will also have to check which chapter for bankruptcy you will fall under. The two most common ones are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you feel like your context would fall under any of these cases, then it might be best to consider scheduling a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. Our Kansas City law firm would be able to suggest the proper materials and proper chapter filing for your context.

Bankruptcy will hurt your credit score as long as it appears on your credit report. You may, however, start rebuilding credit after bankruptcy while the bankruptcy is still being reported.

What Are The Types of Bankruptcy?

Your type of emergency bankruptcy claim is largely dependent on your context. Depending on your bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy might apply to you.


In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the goal of the claim is to do the following:

  • discharge unsecured debts like credit cards, medical debts and utility bills
  • keep excluded assets like estate, automobiles, furniture and clothing, as well as retirement statements

This process has become an extremely popular bankruptcy claim, and this has led to better bank account processing, less creditor harassment, and lawsuit termination. Even though this is the most known option, a person must pass an application to determine their payment capacity. Only then will they be eligible for this application.


For individuals with a higher median than their county in Kansas City, Chapter 13 filing is one of their options. With this option, attorneys in Kansas City law firms will also help you file a bankruptcy claim without affecting some of your major assets. This bankruptcy claim is for you if your goal is the following:

  • Keeping all of your exempt and nonexempt assets such as vehicles and estate. This will happen if you are able to pay your debt on time.
  • Being able to pay all your other debts not covered by your bankruptcy claim. This includes income taxes and back child support, over a longer payment period.
  • Making a cosigner not liable for inheriting any debt. This will work if you are able to pay your dues on time.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim, your financial situation is wiped clean, allowing you to start fresh. On the other hand, in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your goal is to propose an easier payment scheme to help you settle your debt at a more manageable rate with your financial capacity. This would also allow you to keep your most important assets.

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Bankruptcy claims are one of the most labor-intensive claims to file, and having the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate the confusing routes it could take. If you’ve been attempting to navigate a case on your own, and aren’t seeing any results, reach out to us at Jeppson Law Office. Our bankruptcy attorneys here in Kansas City, Missouri can be your guide to debt relief!

Jeppson Law Office has been serving individuals in Greater Kansas City for over a decade. Our bankruptcy attorneys aim to offer convenience to our clients, flat-rate plans, free consultations, and flexible appointment scheduling options throughout the week.

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