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Facing financial trouble is difficult enough without worrying about local bankruptcy rules and procedures. If you need guidance regarding bankruptcy law in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, then look to Jeppson Law Office. We serve individuals and families who need help regaining control over their finances. Our goal is to help people move forward with their lives using appropriate legal channels, and we may have the solution you need.

We understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to file for bankruptcy regardless of your situation, which is why we want to streamline this process where possible. If you schedule with us, our attorney will strive to protect your legal rights. We take a local approach to representation, and we’ll do everything we can to mitigate your stress. We offer flexible appointment availability, including weekends, by request, in order to make it easier to come in and see us.

Choose Jeppson Law Office in Kansas City, MO, when you need assistance with bankruptcy law. We work hard to help our clients overcome temporary setbacks and enjoy a more solid financial future. To learn how we might be able to get you back on track, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Which type of Bankruptcy is best for you?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will both stop collection phone calls and lawsuits. Both provide exemptions to let you keep your house, car, retirement and other property.

The best type of bankruptcy for you depends on why you want to file.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is normally used by someone only wanting to discharge unsecured debt like credit cards, medical bills, repossession deficiencies, etc. Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not stop a foreclosure or repossession. If you want to keep the property, you still have to pay for it.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is normally used by someone wanting to stop a foreclosure or repossession. You may also file a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you can afford to repay some part of the unsecured debt. Most people do not have to repay 100% of the unsecured debt.

There are a number of other things to consider and our trained attorneys would be happy to examine your case at a free face to face consultation.


Are you dealing with unmanageable debt? Break free from your debts today by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy! We'll guide you throughout the bankruptcy process. Call us to learn more about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing process, exemptions, and eligibility in Missouri.


Do you have overwhelming debts but don't want to lose your assets after bankruptcy? Let our bankruptcy attorney help you file Chapter 13 and protect your valuable assets! There is no reason to give these up. Contact our Missouri bankruptcy attorney today!


Seeking relief from your creditors is only the first step to financial freedom. You also want to get back to a normal life. The quickest way to do that is to rebuild your credit score as fast as possible. Contact us to gain access to our amazing credit repair program and live your best life today!​

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