In the case of the people that file themselves and they don’t disclose everything

So in every bankruptcy case, the quarter points of bankruptcy, trustee, that’s the attorney whose job it is to kind of supervise your case in a chapter seven, a trustee’s job is to take stuff in tattle, to try and take your house and take your car and tell the court about the reasons that you should not be able to get rid of all the debts. The chapter 13, the trustee’s job, the managers, a lot of money for a lot of people, and they’re all making their monthly payments. He takes all that money in and he sends all that money out to the right places, but right place means that he has to review your payment plan and make sure that it follows all the rules and all the laws. And so he’s looking for ways to poke holes in your proposed plan, to not let you do what you’re asking to do.

And then it’s not because he’s the bad guy it’s because he needs to make sure that everyone’s following the law himself included. And so, you know, it’s all my clients, the trustees they’re sneaky bastards. So their job is to find out what you’re not telling them. And to make sure that you’re paying everything that you’re supposed to pay. And if you don’t tell your attorney or you file without an attorney, you decide, well, I want to keep my house. I’m not going to mention that. Well, the trustee is going to find, and the trustee is going to take it and you’re going to be left without a home. So it’s important to follow all the rules and all the laws, which is why it’s important to have an attorney helping you. You know, we strive to be meaner than the trustee while we’re preparing the case. So by the time we get there, we’ve already told them everything that’s going on and why we’re going to win anyway. And if we find an issue that can’t be fixed before we file, we don’t file, or we file a different way. And we make sure that we still help you get the success you’re looking for without losing your house without losing your car and still able to move on and succeed in life.

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