Would you say that chapter 13 is pretty common for divorce and marriage situations?

It’s hard to just make a blanket statement about, whether, seven or 13 is good for any one person, because it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Frequently we will have people that, a couple that come in to file a bankruptcy together, and they’re here because of medical issues and they’re behind on bills. And maybe one of them lost a job, all the three main reasons that you’re looking at a bankruptcy. Most people look at bankruptcy and during the process they decide to split. Well, what we will typically do is look at what each one of them is trying to accomplish. What, who wants to keep the house who wants to get rid of everything and just move out. And we may file a chapter seven for the person that just wants to move out and file a chapter 13 for the person that wants to keep the house in the car, because they need help with just one income getting back on top of everything. So we’re able to help both of them get what they want, through the bankruptcy. We just maybe don’t file them together. Just depending on the, the way we handle it. And depending on what point in the process they are at the time.

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