What about State taxes?

State taxes are the same as a federal taxes, property taxes, anything like that, any governmental tax, debt, federal state, property tax from the county, all that could go in way in the bankruptcy. If it’s old enough now property tax is generally secured by the car that you’re paying a tax on. But if […]

What are some misconceptions about bankruptcy?

Most people come into my office and they’re afraid of filing a bankruptcy. They think that people are going to, look down on them or that they’ve, they failed somehow but that’s not the case bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you failed bankruptcy means you’re taking action to fix the situation that you’re in to protect […]

What are the typical reasons that people file bankruptcy?

Most people that ended up filing bankruptcy or for one of three reasons, loss of job, medical reasons or divorce. And generally speaking, one or two of those leads to the others. If you have a temporary loss of income from a lost job or some other loss of income, you’re not able to pay […]