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I’m very thankful for Mr. Jeppson and his entire office staff. Everyone was very kind and patient and walked me through everything (often more than once). Communication and expectations were clear to understand and very thorough. I highly recommend.

Honest and knowledgeable lawyer


My wife and I found ourselves in difficult financial times due to excessive bills and did not think we had a way to keep our property and find an affordable payment plan. Joe and his team were able to find the right coarse of action that would work for us. He made us understand our options and how to rebuild our future. I would recommend him to anyone who is in a position where they think they are out of options or have lost hope. Joe and his team can you get you and your family’s financial life in order and I am a proud testament of it.

Outstanding Bankruptcy Lawyer


Before we met with Joe, we were stressed to the max because we had so many bills to pay, debt collectors coming after us for money we didn’t have. After meeting with him and his friendly team they gave us the sign a relief we desperately needed. Thank you Joe and his team for a great experience and helping us get rid of $30k worth of debt and stress. Highly recommend Joe!



Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Joe and his staff. They are very friendly, caring, understanding, and compassionate. They really do care about you. I could NOT have done this without Joe’s help. He’s very reasonable in price and very knowledgeable about everything there is to do with bankruptcy. The kindness I was shown brought me to tears. I just can’t thank him enough for everything. He made this process so easy for me. He and his staff handled everything professionally and timely. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Joe to anyone!

High Recommendation


Joe was very professional, thoughtful and truly took a deep pride in helping me get out the financial mess I was going thru…I would highly recommend him to anybody that has serious financial issues.

Attorney with a Conscience


I hired the WRONG attorney the first round in a chapter 13 , they billed you by the hour for everything ! If you talked to them on the phone you were being charged ! Joe has a flat rate and that is all you are charged ! Joe and all his staff are very professional and truly care about their clients . I was told about so many more options from Joe . The other attorney never bothered to tell me ! I would recommend him to anyone !

excellent staff and Joe is GREAT

William W. 

Joe and his staff were so helpful and understanding of my situation. Joe worked with me in every way possible. He is amazing, and understands what you are going through. If you want and need a GREAT lawyer then I recommend JOE to everyone. Thank You again Joe, You are the Best!

Non Judgemental


After retiring from the USAF and going through a lengthy and costly divorce I got into some serious financial difficulty. Before I knew it I was over 30K in debt. I had to do something and quickly. I contacted Joes office and spoke with an extremely polite and helpful receptionist. She quickly scheduled me an appointment and I went to see Joes team. From the first moment I walked into his office I felt comfortable and I could tell they wanted to help be with my situation. I didn’t some paperwork and provided Joe all the documents requested and within a few weeks my case was filed and the phone calls from collectors had stopped. I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Joe helped me understand the entire process and that I wasn’t a “bad person” for having to file for bankruptcy. I have gotten quick replies to all my questions and am looking forward to starting my new life debt free. Thank you Joe for everything you and you team have done for this old veteran.



Joe Jeppson Law Office handled my legal concerns with care and precision. When I walked in the office I didn’t know what to expect, but Joe greeted me as if I were an old friend. He was kind and professional and stayed with me until all my legal issues were settled and taken care of. Jeppson Law Firm is exceptional because they make it a point to cross all ‘t’s’ and dot all ‘i’s’, no surprises. I never felt alone nor uninformed. I can honestly say this Law Firm legitimately care for and about their clients.

Pleasant experience


After a bad divorce and years of bad financial decisions, I felt like I was drowning in debt. I tried to go cheap and use one of those online services to do it my self, but soon found I was over my head. Mr. Jepson and his staff were able to rescue me. They never made me feel uncomfortable and explained every step of the process so that I could understand it. I would highly recommend the Jeppson Law Office to anyone who is thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

Joe provides professional results with integrity and care.


Joe represents an amazing amount of motivation, advocacy, and care for his clients. He readily shows this through his integrity, professionalism, attention to detail, and tireless initiative. His level of dedication provides the hope and relief that people come to him looking to find. Joe represented me in a case against a student loan company that most other lawyers would not even stop to consider. Undaunted, Joe took the case, fought it out on our behalf, and won. Joe has truly been a blessing to my family and me.



I’ve had an ongoing attorney-client relationship with Joe for nearly 3 years now. He is fair, reasonable, knows the law incredibly well, never judges me for my past mistakes, explains things clearly, always returns phone calls and emails promptly, and is (remarkably) an attorney who actually cares about me and my situation. Joe has helped, and continues to help, me figure out how to become more financially stable and self-sufficient. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about him. I’ve had to hire or have contact with more than my fair share of attorneys over the last decade, and Joe is the ONLY attorney whose flaws I haven’t figured out yet! If you need assistance with anything related to personal finance, Joe is the attorney you should hire! If you do your part to help advance your own case, he’ll certainly do his part (and will probably think of ways to help that you didn’t even know existed).

Exemplary Service


I slipped on the ice one cold icy day and broke my back; my life changed forever. I had the perfect job, and as long as I was willing to work hard; I could make as much money as I was capable of making. The money I had saved went quickly. Soon I had more debt than money. Creditors, at first, were sympathetic, then they turned hostile and cold. I didn’t know what to do. I decided to file for bankruptcy protection. When I walked into Jeppson Law Office I didn’t know what to expect; so I listened to what Mr Jeppson had to say. After the preliminaries I hired Joe Jeppson. Kind, considerate and a knowledgeable and brilliant mind. He walked me through the entire process. He never left me second guessing or wondering what was next. ‘Exemplary Service’ from start to finished. I knew when we walked out of that courtroom that I had been blessed with an Attorney who not only knew law, but cared about me. He had honestly and genuinely done what was best for me. For that I will forever be grateful.and would recommend him to anyone who needs ‘Exemplary Service’.

My bankruptcy case got Discharged. No more debt.


Thanks to Mr. Jeppson and his firm my bankruptcy case was discharged with no drama or no worries. The firm really took care of my case since I walked in the door at their office having over 75K debt to the final hearing getting my discharge. He was very knowledgeable about the bankruptcy laws and told me where I stood and what was happening with my case so I could understand. I believe thanks to him I will be well on my way to a successful financial future!

Chapter 7 bankruptcy


Joe Jeppson is Highly confident and completely knowledgeable in his profession. His guidance and understanding made me feel less over whelmed thru out the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone that may have to bare this process. Joe was there for me at the beginning and will be with me if any problems ever come about with my case for years. Thank You sincerely Joe Jeppson.

Excellent Bankruptcy Attorney


Filing for bankruptcy was overwhelming and scary until I spoke to Joe. From the first conversation I had with him, I felt more confident about my options, and knew I had someone in my corner to make sure I would be able to get back on my feet financially.
I would recommend anyone filing bankruptcy have Joe represent them – he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of bankruptcy law, and clearly cares about helping his clients.

chapter 13 bankruptcy on over 14,000 in un paid fines


he was great and even broke it down on how to get it done..if i dont get a attorney here in joplin missouri i think im going to us him..i talked to other ones they were eather RUDE or did not even wont to try there is allways a way to do something all you got to do is try..and he is the man i think could get it glad i found him on here many thanks..Avvo yep others just said file chapter 13 or talk to a attorney big deal i allready knew that DUH..but to find out that the chapter 13 will pull warrants and allow me reinstate my license..and i can do it all right here in the state of missouri i will never have to step foot back in that hell hole of KANSAS i been suspended since 1990 and have done years in jail and have lost many cars and trucks to inpound let alone jobs this was great news wish i knew this a long time ago and he has a payment plan as well there is not one thing i can say bad about this attorney and i have been around the block quite a bit and all i have got was a knife in my back yep i feel i can trust this man and that says alot..and who knows i mite even hire him i have a apointment the feb 16 with an attorney here in joplin if he is a jerk i will be getting back in contact with MR JEPPSON he knows his stuff ! ! !

Excellent service from this attorney


I am so thankful for the attention that Mr. Jeppson gave anytime I needed it. Five long years of a bankruptcy and a few issues along the way that he was always willing to help work through. He is a great bankruptcy attorney and I recommend him to the highest level.