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Foreclosure forbearance and evictions during COVID pandemic

A lot of my clients have been asking about, evictions and foreclosures during the COVIDpandemic right now. So I just want to address those issues. I’m Joe Jeppson certifiedbankruptcy specialist, helping people in Missouri and Kansas and the Kansas city areafile chapter seven and chapter 13, bankruptcies the federal government as part of thecares act, put a moratorium on foreclosures all the way through the end of August,August 31st, and provided an additional hundred 80 days. if you can show that you havefinancial hardship to, to the COVID pandemic, however, there’s really no clear guidanceon how those, forbearance payments are going to be repaid. You don’t just miss payments,you know, forgive those payments. You still have to repay them now. We’re not sure. Andit depends on the type of loan you have, whether you get to re amortize them, meaningput them at the end of your third year note and pay them back later by extending theterm of your mortgage.


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Or if you’re going to have to pay them all back. If you had a thousand dollars a monthpayment and you get a six month moratorium, do you owe $6,000 at the end of thatforbearance, you might. So you need to talk to your lender about the repayment optionsto make sure that you’re not stuck in one of those positions. Now, Missouri is one ofthe few States that doesn’t have any kind of eviction protection right now. So if youfall behind on your rent, you’re still going to be evicted. they did get some federalmoney to help with, low income, utility aid, meaning that the normal maximum of $600, per season, either summer or winter that you can receive and utility assistance has beendoubled, but it’s still a maximum of $1,200 over the summer of 2020. And then it goesback down to a maximum of $600 for the fall season starting in November. So as of rightnow, four barons is available for mortgages on a limited scale and an uncertainrepayment term. So sometimes a chapter 13 bankruptcy is still the best option because itallows you to control those repayment plans for more information, or to explore how abankruptcy might help you more than the other available options. Please give us a callfor a free consultation. Thanks a lot.

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