What are some misconceptions about bankruptcy?

Most people come into my office and they’re afraid of filing a bankruptcy. They think that people are going to, look down on them or that they’ve, they failed somehow but that’s not the case bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you failed bankruptcy means you’re taking action to fix the situation that you’re in to protect your family and to move forward and rebuild your life. Bankruptcy is not. Failure is part of the process. And the reason that people think bankruptcy is a failure is the only companies and people they can afford to talk about bankruptcy in public are the ones that don’t want you to file for bankruptcy. Those are the banks and the credit cards and all those lenders that are calling you every day and trying to get you to pay every last time you have to them. And it’s just not true.

The whole basis of our financial system is that we want people to take chances. We want people to think big and try hard, and you can’t do that without a safety net at the bottom if you are afraid to try and afraid to fail, then you’re not going to be able to make the big leaps. You’re not going to be apple or Microsoft or any of these companies. And so our financial system is there to allow people to try and it’s there to help when you can’t take care of these issues yourself, if you have medical issues or loss of income, either due to a lost job or that failed business, something that, you’ve done everything right, and you lose anyway, that’s not failure. That’s life and bankruptcy is there to help you pick up the pieces and move on.

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