Sounds like one of the things that may happen to people is they get upside-down, they overspend on their credit cards, then their credit score goes down, they need more financing for more things, in a downwards spiral where bankruptcy is like a reset button. Can you speak about that?

Absolutely bankruptcy is, is intended to be a fresh start. It’s a reset. It’s a do over on the school yard, right that’s what bankruptcy is about. And I tell clients that, you know, sometimes, you’re able to fight the fight. If you could just get up and, you know, bankruptcy sometimes is your brother stepping in to keep the bully off of you long enough to stand up and dust yourself off and get back to fight and yourself. It gives you the time that you need to get back in the game. And that’s fine. Some people need someone to come in and rescue them. They need someone is not going to win that fight that this bull is way bigger I need now. And that’s what, you know, maybe a chapter seven is where you’re allowed to just walk away from the fight and go on to, to live your life and just walk away from all those problems. And you can absolutely do that. That’s what it’s there for.