If I’m a single dude in an apartment, and I got 20,000 in credit card debt, I just lost my job, chapter 7 is my path. Is that correct?

But every case is different. You want to talk to your attorney, but probably if you’re a single guy in an apartment with 20,000 of credit cards and no job then chapter seven is the way to go. And the reason is that you have to have income to be able to fund a payment plan at a chapter 13. So if you’re not working, you can’t make payments. And so you can’t be in a chapter 13 and you probably don’t need it because chapter 13 is about keeping and protecting pain for stuff. And if you’ve been living the bachelor life and you don’t have a house and cars and kids to take care of, walk away from the credit cards and move on with life a pretty quick and easy.