Filing Bankruptcy

Sounds like if you file a bankruptcy when you are in a foreclosure or forbearance modification is debatable, it really helps you buy time, and puts you in a position of strength, right? Because now the mortgage company can’t say; “Oh, we couldn’t find your paperwork in time, now we just move to the next task and we will move to foreclosure anyway”. Is that accurate?

And this is one industry in the country. That just is the perfect explanation of left-hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Hits the mortgage industry your file moves from one desk to another. you’re making payments. You’re in default, you’re in foreclosure. It’s with the collector. It’s with the foreclosure lawyers it’s all over the place. No one knows what they’re doing. Every time you call you get a different answer. They won’t tell you who to pay. They won’t tell you where to send the money. Even if you have the money, they won’t accept. It is a pain. The benefit of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it forces them to hold, still sit on their hands and puts you in control allows you and your attorney to put together a payment plan that is on your terms that you control. And the bankruptcy court will confirm to make it the law of your case that everybody else has to follow. And then you have the weight of the federal government on your side for a change.

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