How does bankruptcy affect my employment opportunity and/or my social security income?

The good news is that bankruptcy does not affect your ability to succeed in the future. In fact, it clears out the, the baggage and the hangers-on that are keeping you from success in your future first social security is completely excluded from bankruptcy. It’s not income that the court can take. It’s not property. The court can take it, you can have all the money you want. As long as we can show us from social security, they cannot take it from you and they can’t force you to use that money to pay back creditors. It’s yours. That’s what it’s there for. It’s not there to pay back creditors. It’s there for your support. And so it’s all yours. Bankruptcy does not affect your ability to get a job in the future bankruptcy. It actually helps you to get that job in the future because it’s really hard to get, or keep a job when you’re bringing garnishments with you.

But the bankruptcy clears all that out. And once you move forward with a clean slate, a lot of my clients will ask about security clearance security clearance is actually easier to get after a bankruptcy, because if you have all that debt, you may be getting by, but it’s really easy for someone to come up and say, Hey, let me help you out with this. And since we’re such good friends, how about you just, you know, help me out with this little thing over here, and now you’re a security risk. So that debt is preventing you from getting the security clearance that you want and preventing you from getting the advancement that you want in those positions and a bankruptcy helps with that bankruptcy does not affect immigration status. Bankruptcy does not affect most of the things that people are afraid of because you’re not doing anything wrong.

It is not wrong to use the options that are available to you under the law. It’s responsible to take care of the situation within the system. And that’s what you’re doing. Bankruptcy also prevents employers from firing you because of bankruptcy. It prevents employers from not hiring you because of bankruptcy. It prevents employers from not promoting you, not giving you raises, not allowing you to succeed because of bankruptcy never seen it happen. And I almost wish it would. I don’t want my clients to hurt, but man; we would make so much money for my clients. An employer was telling us to do that. If an employer was dumb enough to not hire you because of bankruptcy or to fire you because of bankruptcy or withhold you any benefit or treat you differently because of bankruptcy. They’re in direct violation of bankruptcy laws and the bankruptcy court would have a lot to say about that. And you did all that money you deserve without having to work there anymore.