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How to make chapter 13 payments

This is intended to be a pretty detailed explanation of the hows and whys of making your plan payments. If you have any questions about how or when to make your payments, please contact our office at (816) 472-1655.

The 2 big rules for making your plan payments are:

  1. Make your first payment within 30 days of filing, and
  2. Don’t fall more than 2 months behind.

If you can’t make the full payment all at once, send what you can and catch up later.
If you are making the payments yourself, the best plan is to spread the payment out and send a partial payment each pay day. For example, if your payment to the trustee is supposed to be $1,300 every month, you could instead send $600 every other week. Over 12 months, it works out to the same amount. If that works best for you, we would be happy to calculate the correct amount to send every pay day.

How to submit the payments

Wage Order

A wage order is what we call it when you have your plan payment taken straight out of your check. Like child support, it is not an involuntary garnishment but a way to simplify the payment process.
Even on a wage order, however, it is your responsibility to make sure the payments are made. At the start of your case, you will need to submit the payments yourself as described below until your employer takes it over for you. If your employer ever stops withholding, send the payment yourself and contact our office immediately to get your payments back on track.

Use the links below to send the payment yourself

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